Kathryn Wilson CV

Kathryn E. Wilson

Associate Professor

Georgia State University


PhD, Folklore and Folklife, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1996

  •    Dissertation: “Fashioning Difference: Women’s dress in nineteenth-century Philadelphia”

MA, Folklore and Folklife, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1991

BA, History, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 1986

Continuing Education:

  • Writing Across the Curriculum faculty workshop, 2015
  • THAT Camp, Museum Computer Network, 2011
  • Planning Your Digitization Project, American Association for State and Local History, 2010
  • Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative: Courses on Appreciative Leadership, Effective Planning, Tools for Financial Management, 2003-2006
  • School for Scanning, Northeast Document Conservation Center, 2001
  • Strategic Planning, Non-Profit Center, LaSalle University, 2001
  • Refugee Law and Policy, University of Pennsylvania Law School, 2001
  • Refugee Resettlement Consultation, Lutheran Children and Family Services, 2000
  • Wharton Cultural Management Project, 1998-1999
  • Fund Raising Certificate Program University of Pennsylvania, 1997-199

Scholarship and Professional Development



Ethnic Renewal in Philadelphia’s Chinatown: Space, Place and Struggle (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2015).

Articles and book chapters

“From Peopling to Postethnic: Pennsylvania Pluralism Reconsidered,” with Rosalind Beiler, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 140 no. 3 (October 2016), 257-270.

“Same Struggle, Same Fight”: Yellow Seeds and the Asian American Movement in Philadelphia’s Chinatown,” Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 140 no. 3 (October 2016), 423-425.

“Reflections on Engaging Immigrant Communities in Museums,” with Jill K. Stein and Cecilia Garibay, Museum and Social Issues (vol. 3 no. 2) Fall 2008: 179-195.

“Crafting Community-Based Museum Experiences: Process, Pedagogy, and Performance,” in Transforming Practice: Selections from the Journal of Museum Education, 1992-1999, ed. Joanne Hirsch and Lois Silverman (Museum Education Roundtable, 2000), 110-118.

“Commodifying Craft, Creating Community: Women’s Vernacular Dress in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia,” in The Culture of Sewing: Gender, Consumption, and Homedressmaking, ed. Barbara Burman (Berg Publishers, 1999), 141-156

Encyclopedia entries

“Chinatown,” Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia (peer-reviewed), 2015. []

“Robert Purvis,” The Early Republic and Antebellum America: An Encyclopedia of Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic History, ed. Christopher Bates (ME Sharpe, 2010), 856-858.

“Ethnicity,” in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Mid-Atlantic Region, ed. Robert Marzec (Greenwood Press, 2004), 97-132.

“Costume.” In Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music, and Art, ed. Thomas Green (ABC-CLIO, 1997/Reprinted in second edition, 2010), 314-319.

“Folk Costume.” In American Folklore: An Encyclopedia, ed. Jan Harold Brunvand (Garland Publishing, 1996), 341-346.

Scholarly Conference Proceedings

“Rebuilding Philadelphia’s Gold Mountain: Themed Space and Living Community in Transition,” Pioneer America Society Transactions (PAST) 35, 2012. [http://www.pioneeramerica.org/past2012/past2012artwilson.html]

Book Reviews

Review Essay, “Complicating Chinatowns” Journal of Urban History, forthcoming 2018

Book Review, The Chesapeake House: Architectural Investigation by Colonial Williamsburg, ed. by Cary Carson and Carl. Lounsbury (University of North Carolina Press, 2013), Buildings and Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum 23:2 (Fall 2016), 129-30.

Book Review, Global Philadelphia: Immigrant Communities Old and New, ed. Ayumi Takenaka and Mary Johnson Osirim (Temple, 2010), Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, April 2011 (Vol. 135, No. 2), 218-219. 

Public History writing

“Exploring Civic Engagement with ‘Kitchen Conversations,’” History@Work (NCPH blog), June 18, 2018 [http://ncph.org/history-at-work/exploring-approaches-to-civic-engagement-through-kitchen-conversations/]. (part of a special series on teaching The Public Historian)

“From bachelor enclave to urban village: The evolution of early Chinatown,” Pennsylvania Legacies 12:1 (May 2012), 12-17.

“Images of Latino Philadelphia: An Essay in Photographs,” with Maria Möller, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 138:4 (October 2004), 385-398.

“Building El Barrio: Latinos Transform Post-War Philadelphia,” Pennsylvania Legacies 3:2 (November 2003), 17-21.

“Ethnic Artists, Public Culture,” in A Collage of Cultures V, (Dover Art League, Dover, DE, 1999).

“Engendering A Sense of Self,” Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (EMME) 1:3 (Summer 1999). [http://jonah.eastern.edu/emme/1999summer/wilson.html]

As editor:

Filadelfia Latina: Nuestros Caminos, Nuestras Comunidades / Latino Philadelphia: Our Journeys, Our Communities, A Community Profile, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2004.

Extended Lives: The African Immigrant Experience in Philadelphia, A Community Profile, The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 2001.

Public History Projects

Digital projects

“Planning Atlanta: A New City in the Making,” (digital mapping project) Georgia State University, 2013-2015, Co-Investigator/Oral history coordinator

“From Slavery to Freedom” (digitization of Pennsylvania Abolition Society papers with K-12 education resources), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2005-2008, project director

“Exploring Diversity through Pennsylvania’s Ethnic History” (K-12 lesson plans and digital sources), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies/Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2000-2008, project director

Exhibitions and Programming

“Filadelfia Latina: Nuestros Caminos, Nuestras Comunidades / Latino Philadelphia: Our Journeys, Our Communities” (Exhibit, programs, education), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2002-2004, project director

“Extended Lives: The African Immigrant Experience in Philadelphia” (Exhibit, programs, education), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 2001-2002, project director

“Ethnic and Immigrant Stereotypes from The Balch Institute Collection” (Exhibit), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 2001, curator

“Ahlan wa-Sahlan! Welcome to Our Home! Philadelphia’s Arab Americans” (Exhibit and programs), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1999-2000, project director and program coordinator

“A Sense of Self: Contemporary Ethnic Women Artists” (Exhibit and programs), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1998, curator and program coordinator

“Live Like the Banyan Tree: Images of the Indian American Experience” (Exhibit and programs), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1998-1999, program coordinator

“The Heart Mountain Story” / “An American Diary: The Paintings of Roger Shimomura” (Exhibit and program series), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1998, program coordinator

“Building the Gold Mountain: Philadelphia’s Chinatown” (Exhibit and programs), The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1998, co-curator and program coordinator

“Common Ground: Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods” (Exhibit), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1992, co-curator

“Extreme Makeovers: Histories of Self-Fashioning in the Mid-Atlantic,” The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2006, symposium organizer

“Pennsylvanians Behaving Badly: Violence, Disorder, Transgression,” The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2005, symposium organizer

“Pan-American Philadelphia,” The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2003, symposium organizer

“Pennsylvania Frontiers,” The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2003, symposium organizer

Conference and Lecture Presentations


Panelist, Roundtable, “Past Exclusion/Present Inclusion: Preserving, Sharing, and Interpreting the Chinese American Experience,” National Council on Public History Annual Meeting, 2016

“’We can’t afford history’: Dilemmas of public history, heritage preservation, and community development in immigrant Philadelphia,” Immigration, Migration, and Memory in Public History, National Council on Public History Mini­Conference, Texas State University, 2015.

“‘Being part of progress, not the sacrificial lamb’: Developing Philadelphia’s Chinatown 1960-1990,” Urban History Association, 2012

“Rebuilding Philadelphia’s Gold Mountain: Themed Space and Living Community in Transition,” Pioneer America Society: Association for the Preservation of Artifacts and Landscapes (PAS: APAL) Annual Meeting, 2011

“Ethnic Renewal: Place, space and struggle in Philadelphia’s Chinatown,” Public History and Gentrification Working Group, National Council on Public History Annual Meeting, 2011

“Space, struggle, and memory in Philadelphia’s Chinatown,” Oral History Association Annual Meeting, 2010

“Ethnic Renewal: Production and Representation in Philadelphia’s Chinatown,” Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association Annual Conference, 2010

“Informed Engagement: Museums and Immigrant Communities,” American Association of Museums, 2009

“Thinking History, Teaching History: Engaging Students and Teachers with the Historiographic Process,” Pennsylvania Historical Association, 2005

“Demystifying Difference: Dialogism and Mediation in Immigrant Oral Histories,” American Folklore Society, 2004

“Process and Politics: Reciprocity and Action in Applied Ethnography,” American Folklore Society, 2002

“No More Huddled Masses: Representing Recent Immigration as a Usable Past,” Social Science History Association, 2002

“’What about the dot?’ Engendering Ethnic Embodiments in Public Folklore Practice,” American Folklore Society, 2000

“Salsa, Sex and Spectacle: Performing Gender in Latino Social Dance,” Crossroads of Cultural Studies, Third International Conference, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, 2000

Panelist, “Public History and Asian Pacific American Studies,” Association for Asian American Studies, 1999

“‘…And I’m still a man’: Hybrid Masculine Embodiments in Latino Social Dance,” American Anthropological Association, 1998

“Salsa, Sex and Spectacle: Expressions of Machismo in Latino Dance,” American Folklore Society, 1997

“Sewing Circles: Femininity, Fashion, and Vernacular Dress in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia,” American Folklore Society, 1996

“‘To be respected as a body’: Adornment and Uplift in African-American Philadelphia,” American Folklore Society, 1994

“Crimes of Fashion: Gender, Class, and Clothing Theft in Antebellum Philadelphia,” American Folklore Society, 1993

“Tightlacing and Transgression in Victorian America,” American Folklore Society, 1990

“The Housewife Unbound: Dress Reform and Home Wear, 1830-1890,” Graduate Women’s Studies Conference, University of Pennsylvania, 1990

“Mother Hubbard Takes it to the Street: Gender, Dress and Domesticity,” American Folklore Society, 1989

Invited Presentations

Panelist, Roundtable: “Bodies in Space,” The Place of History: A Graduate Student Conference, Georgia State University, 2013

Moderator, “Chinatown Past and Present,” Historical Society of Pennsylvania, November 2012

“Philadelphia’s Chinatown,” Preservation Studio, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, November 2012

“Philadelphia and the Fugitive Slave Act,” Philadelphia Civil War Consortium Summer Teacher Institute, 2010

“Immigration and Ethnicity,” Planning Workshop, The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, April 2009

Panelist, “Practicing History in the Town Square,” Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, 2008

Panelist, “Planning for the Civil War Sesquicentennial in Pennsylvania: Statewide Perspectives,” Pennsylvania Historical Association, 2007

Moderator, “Collaboration for Sustainability,” Tri-State Coalition of Historic Places, Philadelphia, 2006

“Virtual History: A Sample of Historians’ Websites,” An Embarrassment of Riches: Evaluating the Quality of Historical Information on the Web, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2002

“Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: Then and Now” and “Housework as History: Ethnic Women’s Perspectives on the Past,” Commonwealth Speaker, Pennsylvania Council for the Humanities, 2002-2003.

“Making History: Collections and Communities at the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies,” Tri-State Coalition of Historic Places, Philadelphia, 2001

“Chameleon Culture(s): Essence and Hybridity in Contemporary American Public Culture,” The Politics of Culture Conference, Delaware State University, Dover, DE, 2000

“The Dance of Self and Other in Ethnographic Writing,” Harvard University, 1998

“Salsa, Sex, and Spectacle: Hybrid Embodiments in Latino Social Dance,” Latin American Studies Program and Women’s Studies Program, Colby College, 1998

Conference Comments

Commenter, “Generative Scholarship, Libraries, and Atlanta Spatial Histories,” Organization of American Historians, 2014

Commenter, “Religion and Citizenship in the American Colonies and Early Republic,” Atlanta Graduate Student Conference in US History, Emory University, 2013

Commenter, “Deconstructing Public Space,” The Place of History: A Graduate Student Conference, Georgia State University, 2013

Commenter, “Public Space,” Graduate Student conference, Georgia State University, 2012

Commentator, “Hearing Landscape Critically: Interdisciplinary Investigations in U.S. Cultural History,” Atlanta Graduate Student Conference in U.S. History, Emory University, 2012

Discussant, “Searching for Common Ground: Bringing Immigrant Arts to American Communities,” Eastern Sociological Society, 1998

Discussant, “Cooking American, Eating Korean: Food in the Lives of Korean Military Brides,” Balch Institute Faculty Forum, 1998

Comment, “Embodying” panel. Possible Pasts: Critical Encounters in Early America, Philadelphia Center for Early American Studies/Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1994

Awards and Fellowships

Penn Humanities Forum Mellon Regional Cultural Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania

“Consuming Culture: Exploring word, image, and embodiment in 19th century fashion culture,” 2005-2006

“‘I was never black the way I am here’: Nomadic racial identities in immigrant experience,” 2006-2007 (declined)

Nomination for Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1995, 1996

Chimicles Fellow in the Teaching of Writing, University of Pennsylvania, 1994-1996

Dissertation Fellow in Women’s Studies, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1992-1993 

Teaching, including advising

University teaching

Associate Professor, Department of History/Heritage Preservation Program, Georgia State University, 2008-present

  • HIST 2110 Survey of U.S. History
  • HIST 3210 U.S. in the Nineteenth Century
  • HIST 4225 Immigrants in America
  • HIST 4325 Introduction to Public History and Historic Preservation
  • HIST 4330/6920 Oral History
  • HIST 7040 Issues and Interpretations in Public History
  • HIST 8740 Material Culture
  • HIST 8750 Public History Education Planning and Practice
  • HIST 8800 Directed Study in Public History (Masters of Heritage Preservation Capstone)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Readings in Gender and Material Culture,” (Summer 2013)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Material Culture and Art Education” (Summer 2013)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Advanced readings in public history” (Spring 2013)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Memory, History, Commemoration” (Summer 2016)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Memory, History, Commemoration” (Summer 2017)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Chinese American Histories” (Summer 2017)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Indigenous Foodways” (Summer 2017)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Civil War Memory and Commemoration” (Summer 2018)
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Southern Foodways History”
  • HIST 8900 Independent Study, “Atlanta Women in the New South”

Adjunct, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA, 2000

  • Gender Roles in American Society

Lecturer, Master of Liberal Arts Program, University of Pennsylvania, 1996

  • Qualitative Research Methods and Design
  • Lecturer, College of General Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 1991-1996
  • Making the Modern Body: Feminist Perspectives
  • U.S. History: Early America to the Civil War
  • American Popular Culture
  • Women and Folklore
  • Introduction to Folklore
  • Introduction to Folklore and Literature

Writing Across the University, University of Pennsylvania

  • Writing Advisor, Women’s Studies Senior Seminar, 1995-1996
  • Instructor, Writing About Gender and Culture, 1994-1996

Department of Folklore and Folklife, University of Pennsylvania

  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Folklore, 1990

Workshops and Trainings

Teacher Workshop, “Worldviews in Contact, Cooperation, Conflict,” Revolution to Republic: Philadelphia’s Place in Early America, SHEAR-NEH Landmarks Workshop for Community College Faculty, 2010

Oral History training, Asian Arts Initiative Oral History Project, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA, 2000, 2008

Teacher Workshop, “Teaching National History Day 2008: Conflict and Compromise in History,” Pennsylvania History Day, 2007

Guest Lecturer, Introduction to Public History, Rutgers University-Camden, 2006-2008

Teacher workshops (topics included Irish immigration, abolition movement and Underground Railroad, Native American/European colonial contact, nineteenth-century nativism, Japanese American internment/redress), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2002-2008

Instructor, Summer Teacher’s Seminar, “Immigration and Ethnicity,” Rutgers University – Camden/Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH), 2004

“Understanding and Teaching with Objects,” Rosenbach Museum and Library Docent Training, Philadelphia, PA 2003, 2005, 2007

Student Research and Project Direction

PhD Dissertations

Shaofan Zhang, “The Chinese Community in Metro Atlanta: Faith, Identity, and Memory, 1965-2005” (chair), in progress, prospectus drafted

Lin Lin Liu, “Jiang Wenhan and Kiyoko Takeda Cho: Voices from China and Japan/Encounters with Christianity in Twentieth Century East Asia,” (committee member), in progress, prospectus approved

Sara Patenaude, “The False Promise of Individual Choice: Residential Segregation and Policy Discourse in Baltimore Public Housing, 1940-1970,” (committee member), 2018

Erik Clabaugh, Communication, “The Paratext in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility: Toward an Understanding of Paratextual Hegemony in Mass Media and Meaning Making” (committee member), in progress, prospectus defended 2017

Richard Harker, History, “A Shared Authority? Museums Connect as Transnational Public History and Cultural Diplomacy” (chair), 2016

Christy Garrison-Harrison, History, “A Comparative Examination of Pearlie Dove, Ella Mae Brayboy and Dorothy Bolden’s Activism and Leadership in Atlanta, Georgia, 1964-2004” (committee member), 2017

Master’s Theses

Megan Warley McDonald, “The House By the Side of the Road: A History of the Stewart Center,” (committee member), 2018

Kirstie Tepper, Fine Arts, “Dwelling In Things” (committee member), 2018

Jessica Keys, History, “Space, Place, and Contestation: Midtown Atlanta’s “Urban Renaissance(Chair), 2016

Brandi Simpson Miller, History “Food and Nationalism in Independent Ghana” (committee member), 2015

Grace Dubinson, History, “”Slowly, Surely, One Plat, One Binder at a Time: Choking Out Jim Crow and the Development of Azurest Syndicate Incorporated” (committee member), 2011

Master’s Capstone Projects

Shakia Guest, “Atlanta Public Schools: Forgotten Treasures” (website), 2018

Lynn Robinson, Art Workshop: “African Wisdom,” 2018

Rochelle Harris, (podcast series), 2018

Sophia Queen, “Remembering Fannin County” (website and digital archive), 2018

Anna Woten, “Researching Neighborhood History in the Keenan Research Center Archives” (exhibit), 2018

Pamella DeVore, “The ‘CCRG Rollback’: A Public History and Digital Archive for the Classic City Rollergirls of Athens, Georgia,” 2018

Caitlin Mee, Sean Diaz, and Curtia Momon, National Historic Landmark Nomination for Oakland Cemeter, 2018

Charles Boyd “That Sublime Mingling of Races:” Abolitionist Support for Interracial Marriage” ((Exhibit), 2017

William Greer, “The Dawson Five: A Crime, Race Relations in Georgia, and the Specter of Jim Crow” (website), 2017

Sophia Nelson, Savannah’s National Historic Landmark’s District (film), 2017

Shawn Clements, “Deaf in America” (exhibit), 2017

Michael Santrock, “Shelters in the Schoolhouse” (online ed website), 2017

Laurel Wilson, “5 Generations: From Enslavement to Public Service in Atlanta” (documentary film), 2017

Sarah Kirkley, National History Day Research Event at Georgia State University Library, 2017

Lauren Ericson, “(Extra)Ordinary Objects: Stories of Our Veterans” (traveling exhibit), 2017

Deana Rausch, “Tybee Island: Beyond the Beach,” 2017

Kayla Wirtz, Rods, “Strings, Hands, and Heels”: Programming Series on Twentieth Century Women in Puppetry, 2017

Kayla Morris, Interpretive Plan for Springfield Log School House, Taliaferro County, GA, 2017

Jessamy Bleth, Interpretive Plan for the May Patterson Goodrum House, 2017

Lisa Flaherty, “History On the Fly: An Exploration On How We Travel” (exhibit), 2016

Jonathan Scott, An Interpretive Plan for Kennesaw, Georgia’s Historic Railroad Depot, 2016

Jennie Eldredge, “Growing the Graveyard: Interpreting Oakland Cemetery’s Historic Operations Area” (website), 2016

Alexandra Troxell, “Nexus 2” (website), 2016

Niels Eichhorn, Irish Separatism and Southern Succession” (exhibit), 2016

Laurel Lamb, “Reading History: The Rise of Children’s Literature” (exhibit), 2016

Julie Renner, “Journeys Through the Holocaust” (website), 2016

Jessica Keys, “Tight Squeeze to North Atlanta: Midtown’s White Trash and High Class History” (online tour), 2016

Tomeka Jackson, Spies, Secret Societies, and Guerilla Warfare: A Home School Guide to Georgia’s Civil War Unionists,” 2016

Megan Warley McDonald, “A History of the Stewart Center” (video series), 2016

Austin Coleman, “Jim Henson’s Movie Magic: Introduction to Perspective and Framing” (education for Center for Puppetry Arts), 2015

Andrea Miskewicz, “Literacy Through Georgia History” (teacher education), 2015

Caroline Davis, “History in the Park” (web-based tour), 2015

Rebecca Jordan, “Atlanta’s Forgotten Children” (website), 2015

Christina Huber, “Echoes in the Landscape: Atlanta 1865-1906” (mobile tour app), 2015

Nicholas Sakas, (pamphlet publications for Atlanta Legal Aid), 2015

Susan Prillaman, “A Viritual Tour of Decatur Historic Cemetery,” 2015

Kathryn Daly, “Home Movies: Preserving a Lens Into the Past” (website), 2015

Leslie Spencer, “Making History in Washington County” (education materials), 2015

Lindsay Resnick, “Building Atlanta: The Alexander Family Papers at the William Breman Museum” (archival research guide and blog), 2015

Marcy Breffle, “The Story of Our City: A Mobile Exhibit” (for Dunwoody Preservation Trust), 2014

Lindsey Hinnant, “Discussing the Civil War: 150 Years of Memories” (public program series), 2014

Geoff Hetherington, “Ponce DeLeon Avenue Tour,” 2014

Alyssa Foley, “Local History is Our History: A Teacher’s Academy for the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance,” 2014

Leslie Kilpatrick, “Victory At All Costs: World War II and the Home Front: An Educational Guide,” 2014

Jennifer Williams, “Labor’s Southern Legacy” ((exhibit for GSU Special Collections), 2014

Alexandra McGee, “Don’t Agonize, Organize: A History of Atlanta Women’s Organizations” (exhibit for GSU Special Collections), 2104

Caitlin Schoffner, ““Fiddle, Family, and Farm: Folk Culture Fun” (education program), 2013

Catherine Miller ““Environmental Hazards…at the National Archives at Atlanta” (archival research guide and blog), 2013

Eric Mez, ““Morganfalls.org: A Digital Resource” (website), 2013

James Newberry, ““Interpretive Plan for the Herndon Home,” 2013

Mollie Bogle, ““Nolan Crossing Interpretive Plan” (for Madison-Morgan Conservancy), 2013

Nicholas Woodbury, ““Playing for the Same Team” (oral history website), 2013

Sandra Khalil, ““Syrian Voices: Reactions of Syrian Americans to the Crisis Abroad” (oral history website), 2013

Tandra Taylor, ““Cultivate My Hood: An Urban Garden Tour,” 2012

Christopher Sloan ““La Lucha Sigue/The Struggle Continues: Immigrant Rights Activists Discuss Their Fight for Freedom” (website), 2012

Denise Benshoof, “Prospect Quilting Heritage Days: Quilt Documentation and Heritage Preservation Education Event Plan”, 2012

Jennifer Dixon, “Rhodes Memorial Hall Guided Tour”, 2012

Jessica Edens, “A Thousand Ways Richer” (website), 2012

Lavonne Williams, ““Sweet Auburn Historic District Walking Tour” 2012

Megan Covey, “The General in Popular Culture” (exhibit for Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History), 2012

Merribel McKeever, “Archibald Smith Plantation Home Outbuildings Tour” 2012

Anna Joiner, “Buckhead Audio Driving Tour,” 2011

Jessica Rast, “Swan House Third Floor Furnishing and Exhibit Plan” 2011

Jonathan Brown, “A Finding Aid to the Steam Locomotive Photographs of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History,” 2011

Julia Stover, “Agnes Scott Places” (self guided tour for Agnes Scott College), 2011

Katie Odom, “Life on the Home Front: A Walk through Civil War History in Marietta,” 2011

Lydia Ellington, “A Photographic History of Georgia Power” (publication for Georgia Power), 2011

Lyle Davis, “Atlanta Legal Aid Archival Website: Mariel Cubans,” (website for Atlanta Legal Aid_, 2011

Nathan Jordan, “From Farms to Frontlines: The Draft, the War, and the Home Front in Jasper County, Georgia” (exhibit), 2011

Velma Fann, “Benjamin J. Davis and the Negro Odd Fellows of Georgia: A Case of Black Nation Building in the Old South” (exhibit), 2011

PhD exam committees

2018: LinLin Liu, Shaofan Zhang

2017: David Tiller

2015: Richard Harker, John Thompson

2014: Sara Patenaude, Nafeesa Muhammad, Roger Wiblin, Corrie Hand, John Sullivan

2013: Jeffrey Johnson, Lisa Casey

MA exam committees

2014: Brandi Miller

2013: Daniel Horowitz, Rebecca Carter

2010: Betsy Drake

MHP exam committees

2018: Will Greer, Lynn Robinson, Pamella Endlow DeVore, Sophia Queen, Rochelle Harris, Shakia Guest, Anna Woten, Lynn Robinson

2017: Jessamy Bleth, Lauren Ericson, Kayla Morris, Sophia Nelson, Michael Santrock, Laurel Wilson, Deana Rausch

2016: Alexandra Troxell, Julie Renner, Jonathan Scott, Lisa Flaherty, Tomeka Jackson, Laurel Lamb, Megan Warley McDonald, Shawn Clements

2015: Lindsay Resnick, Austin Coleman, Nicholas Sakas, Christina Huber, Leslie Spencer, Rebecca Jordan, Susan Prillaman, Andrea Miskewicz, Caroline Davis

2014: Marcy Breffle, Geoff Hetherington, Alyssa Foley, Leslie Kilpatrick, Jennifer Williams, Ayanna Muhammad

2013: Eric Mez, James Newberry, Nicholas Woodbury, Sandra Khalil, Linda Pirkl, Mollie Bogle

2012: Tandra Taylor, Christopher Sloan, Jessica Edens, Megan Covey, Caitlin Schoffner

2011: Jessica Rast, Julia Stover, Katie Odom, Lydia Ellington, Lyle Davis, Nathan Jordan, Velma Fann


Coordinator, GSU Student Project Showcase, Organization of American Historians, annual meeting 2014



Acting Director, Heritage Preservation Program, 2018

Chair, Director of Heritage Preservation Program Search Committee, Department of History, 2017-2018

Academic Program Review Committee, Department of History, 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Cities Group, 2017

Chair, Events Committee, Department of History, 2016- present

Heritage Preservation Program Committee, Department of History, 2008-present

Program presenter, National Welcoming Week, GSU Multicultural Center, 2015

Panelist, Cities Strategic Initiative Internal Grants Review Panel, 2013

Panelist, Cities Strategic Initiative Internal Grants Review Panel, 2012

Ad Hoc P&T Manual Committee, Department of History, member, 2012

Visiting Lecturer Search Committee, Department of History, chair, 2012

Cities Strategic Initiative, Council of Cities, member of Human Capital Development Working Group, 2011-2014

Library Media and Technology Committee, Department of History, member, 2009-present

Advisement Committee, Department of History, member, 2009-2015

Graduate Studies Committee, Department of History, member, 2008-2009


Student Project and Travel Awards Committee, National Council on Public History, 2017-2020

Peer reviewer, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, 2018

Peer reviewer, Journal of Georgia Association of Historians, 2018

Peer reviewer, Planning Perspectives, 2018

Peer reviewer, Urban Geography, 2017, 2018

Peer reviewer, The Public Historian, 2017

Peer reviewer, University of Georgia Press, 2106, 2017

Peer reviewer, Urban Studies, 2015, 2017

Peer reviewer, Princeton University Press 2014, 2016

Guest editor, special issue on Immigration and Ethnicity, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 2013-2016

Panel reviewer, Museums, Libraries and Cultural Organizations, Public Programs Division, National Endowment for the Humanities, 2015

Humanities Advisor, “Chester County: A Place in History,” Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA, 2015-2017

Local Arrangements Committee, American Historical Association Annual Meeting, 2015

Associate editor, The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, 2010-2016

Strategic planning facilitator, Stone Mountain Historical Society, 2014

Advisor, Auburn Avenue History and Cultural Information Transportation Enhancement project, Central Atlanta Progress /City of Atlanta, 2013

Peer reviewer, “Global America,” (history textbook), Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2013

Panel Reviewer, Humanities Collections and Reference Resources, National Endowment for the Humanities, 2011

Community history consultant, “Uncovering Historic Chinatown: A Film Project,” Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation, Philadelphia, PA, 2010-2011

Advisory Committee, 1968 Project, Minnesota Historical Society, 2009

Local Arrangements Committee, Oral History Association Annual Meeting, 2010

Panel reviewer, Advancing Knowledge: The IMLS/NEH Digital Partnership, National Endowment for the Humanities, 2008

Philadelphia Civil War History Consortium, Steering Committee (2007-2008) and Program Committee, 2006

Civil War Pennsylvania 150 Planning Committee, 2007-2008

Committee on Education and Outreach, Abraham Lincoln Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, 2007-2008

Oral History consultant, Mural Corps, Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA, 2007

Assistant Regional Coordinator and Judging Coordinator, National History Day Philadelphia, 2005-2007

Co-Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, American Historical Association Annual Meeting 2006

Advisor, Greater Philadelphia LGBT History project, 2005-2008

Consultant, Chinatown Oral History Project, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA, 2000-2002, 2004

Testimony before U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources, “Historic Preservation of the Peopling of America,” May 20, 2004

Advisory Committee, “African Art African Voices,” Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2003-2004

Peer Review Panelist, Arts Services and Education, Philadelphia Cultural Fund, 2003-2006

Exhibit Consultant, Refugee Women’s Story Project, Institute for Cultural Partnerships, Harrisburg, PA, 2003

Consulting Editor, “Colonial Philadelphia,” October 2004 issue of Cobblestones, 2003

Commonwealth Speakers Program, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, 2002-2003

Board Member, Reel Voices, 2002-2007

Advisor, National Arab American Museum, Detroit, MI, 2001


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